Eligibility for Scholarship Grant

To qualify for the Ryu Family Foundation (RFF) scholarship grant, an applicant/student must be:

  • A Korean-American (US citizen) student or a Korean student (with or without the permanent resident status)
  • A full-time student working for an advanced degree — BA, BS, MA, MS, MBA, JD, MD, DDS, etc. at a legally approved college or university located in any one of the following 10 northeastern states of the United States: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine
  • A student with at least 3.5 grade point average, who is in need of financial assistance for his/her education
  • A student who is a legal resident of any one of the above 10 states who is studying full-time for an advanced degree at a legally approved college/university in a state of the United States
  • A student/applicant may repeatedly be allowed to receive the RFF scholarship grant, if qualified

Grant Policy

It is the policy of the Ryu Family Foundation that its scholarship grant is the fund designated to meet part or all of the expenses that a student is required to defray to his/her college/university. No personal expense, while it is very essential, will be given as its scholarship grant.

For these reasons, the RFF Foundation’s grant check will always be issued to the joint order of both the grant recipient and his/her college/university. Once you have been selected as scholarship recipient, a proof of attendance from the school as listed in the application form is required for you to receive the scholarship fund. Please submit the proof of attendance as soon as it is available from the school in order to receive it early.