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26th SeolBong Scholarship Award

장 원삼 NY총영사, Amb. Won-sam Chang, General Consul

Consulate General of Korea in New York at the 26th Seol bong Scholarship Award Ceremony

Hello, everyone.


My congratulations on the opening of the 2020 Seol-bong Scholarship Award Ceremony today! Though only through a video, I am delighted to join this meaningful occasion.


The Ryu Family Foundation has been awarding the Seol-bong scholarship to outstanding Korean-American students and this year marks its 26th awards ceremony. Taking this opportunity, I want to express my deep appreciation to the Ryu Family Foundation President Sue Ryu and her staff for their continued efforts to support Korean-American students, following the will of the foundation’s founder, late Chairman Jae Doo Ryu, who had wanted to teach future generations to live a “life honestly and assiduously while building credibility.”


To the fifteen students receiving the scholarship today, I would like to convey my heartfelt congratulations. Also, to all the proud parents who gladly sacrificed themselves to raise their children, I want to offer my words of sincere congratulations.


As you know, dear students, built on the foundation of sacrifices of the first-generation immigrants like your grandfather, grandmother, father, and mother, the Korean-American community’s stature has increased considerably compared with the past. Looking ahead, in order for the Korean-American community to continue its development and grow stronger roots as a proud minority community within mainstream American society, the role of the younger generation like you is very important.


At any rate, to all of you who will be taking on the roles of leading the community in the future, I hope you will devote yourself to the studies in the field of your interest; develop your character and leadership; have confidence that you will grow to become a brilliant talent that the community as well as mainstream American society needs; and make more efforts to become the community’s pillars with an exceptional sense of commitment and responsibility.


Going further, I hope you will be proud of your Korean identity and play a bridging role, linking Korea and the United States.


If I were to give you a piece of advice as a person with a bit more life experience, I am reminded of a quote that sounds plain, but the more you think about it, the more it resounds with you.


It says; “If you don’t live the way you think, you will think the way you live.”


I take the quote to mean that if you do not live your life without a clear sense of goal and direction, you will end up living a meaningless life.


For all of you with futures of endless possibilities, I hope you will take this quote to heart, try to live a life of purpose, and make your progress one step at a time. In this process, you may experience temporary setbacks and disappointments; but never give up and always get back up and realize your goals and plans.


In closing, when you go out into the real life one day, I hope you remember today and extend your helping hand to those around you who are in need to help them materially or with your talents or time. Once again, congratulations to you all, and I pray only good things for you in the future. Thank you.

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