26th Seol-Bong Scholarship

The application is now closed!
Key dates:
Dec.  5, 2020  Sat    Announce the winners of this year's scholarship award
Dec. 19, 2020  Sat    Award Ceremony
Grant Information



15 Students

Application Deadline

Upon receiving

60 applications or 

October 17, 2020

Saturday, whichever comes first!

Application Instructions &
Award Ceremony

Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020


Zoom or Similar


To qualify you must be:

  • A Korean-American (US citizen) or a Korean (with or without a permanent resident status), is currently enrolled as a full-time student working for a degree, such as, BA, BS, MA, MS, MBA, JD, MD, DDS, Ph.D., etc, at a legally approved college or university located in any one of the following  northeastern states of the United States:  Connecticut, D.C., Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont, and Virginia.

Note: : Former SeolBong scholarship recipients are encouraged to apply.

Grant Policy
  • You are required to attend the award ceremony to receive the scholarship. The ceremony will be held on December 19, 2020 via Zoom or similar.

  • All papers/documents submitted in support of his/her application will NOT be returned. No one, except for the official members of the foundation, will be allowed to review these papers or documents.

  • The decision on the grant is final and not subject to any appeal or reconsideration.


Application Instructions

Email the following to 

SeolBong@RyuFoundation.org with the subject line: your last name, your first name - 26 SeolBong.

  1. * A completed & signed application form. Save it as YourLastName-FirstName-RFF-26-SeolBongApplication.xlsx

    • If you don't have Microsoft Excel, open it either via Google Sheets or Mac Numbers.

    • If you open this via Google, edit it via opening it with Google Sheets and then fill it out and then download it as Microsoft Excel (Make sure the file name is YourLastName-FirstName-RFF-26th-SeolBongApplication.xlsx or the same file name in google sheet)

  2. *A 300-word statement in PDF.  Name it as YourLastName-FirstName-26SeolBong-Credibility.pdf Please see below for more information.

  3. *A 300-word essay in PDF Name it as YourLastName-FirstName-26SeolBong-RoleModel.pdf Please see below for more information.

  4. *A certificate of current enrollment verification

  5. Recommendation letters from a professor/teacher of either current school or prior school. Please ask them to email it directly to us at SeolBong@RyuFoundation.org with the subject line specifying your last name first and then your first name

  6. Resume in PDF  The file name as YourLastName-FirstName-26SeolBong-Resume.pdf

  7. You may be  asked to give a 2 minute speech on what you wrote via Zoom (or similar)  either on the morning of 11/14/2020 or 11/21/2020.  Each session will be about one hour and you are asked to speak as well as listen to other speakers.

Note: * are required to submit


* 300-word Statement on

Honesty, Assiduousness, and Credibility

The founder of the Ryu Family Foundation and the late chairman, Jae Doo Ryu, lived a life following his philosophy.


His philosophy was:

"If you live your life honestly and assiduously while building credibility to others, people and money will follow you naturally. Credibility is the bloodline of life"

Write a 300-word statement by answering the following:


  • What challenges would you have living honestly and assiduously while building credibility to others?

  • What action(s) would you take to overcome the challenges?

  • How would you measure yourself to validate that you overcame them?

If you believe that you already are living such a life as the late chairman, tell us what habits helped you live such a life.

Please in pdf format and name it as YourLastName-FirstName-26SeolBong-Credibility.pdf

* 300-word Essay on Role Model

Write a 300-word essay by answering the following:

Who is your role model, living or deceased? Why?

Please in pdf format and name it as YourLastName-FirstName-26SeolBong-RoleModel.pdf